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The Awesome Power of Willpower

It’s 6:00 in the morning. I’ve been up all night writing. I am about to fall down dead, but wanted to write this post first. Here goes nothin’.

During the first round of editing my manuscript, I found a couple of glaring plot holes and places that just needed to be beefed up a bit. The most daunting of all of these findings was that I would need to add a whole chapter to the middle of my already existing manuscript. Now, a lot of you will say, “So? You already wrote your entire manuscript… What’s another chapter?”. Well, my dear reader, another chapter is like a whole other story when it comes to my characters. The problem I face with adding an entire new chapter is, I have NO idea what those crazy bastards are going to do that will end in me going back and adding SEVERAL tie-ins to spots that I had already deemed perfect.

Needless to say, I started this chapter and, thus far, am pleased to announce that my characters seem to be behaving themselves. For the time being. 3,500 words into it and the only things I can see that will need to be edited are the two chapters immediately following this new one. And that will be light editing even since I will only have to repair a few timeline issues that this whole thing has brought to light.

I have put off writing this chapter for 139 days because I was TERRIFIED that I would end up re-writing most of my manuscript because of it. Words cannot describe how relieved I am that the kids seem to be playing nice (What sound? Oh, that one… That was me knocking on wood.). Now that I’m knee deep in this, I realize the error of my ways. I should have sat down and put my fingers to the keys 139 days ago and just trusted in my story and have faith that it will work its own issues out as it always has.

This is just a reminder to everyone, whether you’re a blogger, an accomplished novelist, sitting down to write the first word in your first manuscript, or hanging out with me somewhere in the middle: The only thing standing between you and a finished story is you.

Now get to your writing.



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