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Branching Out

Well good morning, everyone!
As I sit here at work, I’m thinking about Saved (the third book in the United series) and I’m being flooded with awesome ideas for random scenes throughout the remainder of my plot. I realize that, for those of you who have ever written, this isn’t really big news. It happens all the time. My issue is this: EVERYTHING I have ever written has been written in a linear fashion. The idea I’m toying with is going to tear me away from that comfort zone.
I know there are a lot of people out there who will write the bigger, more important scenes as they come to them and then play connect the dots later. I have yet to try this style of writing and, frankly, It’s scary. I can’t quite nail it down to one specific thing that freaks me out, but SOMETHING about it has me pausing on the edge.
It may be that there’s some strange gene inside of us that is required to be a writer. I mean, in order to undertake the time honored tradition of putting ink to the page, there has to be something inside of you that has a penchant for lost arts. I don’t know of a single author who isn’t also a basket weaver, or sock darner, or magician. SOMETHING that takes a very specialized knowledge that not many people go out of their way to learn. An indication that we’re indignant in the face of change? Clinging to these dying traditions in one way or another has to say SOMETHING about our psyche, right?
I’m going to stick with that assessment either way. It gives me something to face head on and work to overcome. If any of you have any advice for me as to switching up one’s writing style, PLEASE leave a comment! Any pitfalls or pleasures that I’m bound to encounter deserve a warning flag.
With my feet dangling off the edge, I wish you happy writing!


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