End of the Tunnel? HA!

26 Dec

That coveted moment when you hit “Publish” and sit back and relax is the holy grail of an Indie Author’s journey, right? Hahahaha!


After I finally hit publish and felt that “I DID IT!” rush it didn’t take me very long to start panicking. What if something went wrong? What if the format was off? What if I missed a check box? It was a nail biting 12 hours, for sure! At the end of it, I got an email saying that I messed up somewhere.

Damn it all to hell!

Luckily, I had an expert who was familiar with the process on standby to prevent my impending melt down. She got me fixed up and back on track with minimal amounts of tears involved. When I woke up the next morning, I was suddenly a published author.


Now what?

Well, sane people would log into their sales channels and compulsively refresh the page to monitor how their sales were going. I, on the other hand, promised myself I wouldn’t do that until after the New Year. So I went to Amazon and compulsively refreshed my page to see how my sales ranks were doing. I was pleasantly surprised and a little more than just “excited”.

Sales Ranking

I was a mad man. I refreshed like crazy for a solid 26 hours. I stayed on the top 100 in those categories for all 26 of those hours. At one point, I was 25 spaces ahead of The Green Mile by Stephen King.

Best Sales

Dream. Come. True.

I realize that it may not be the BIGGEST breakout success story in the world, or even a success story at all, but I’m damn proud of myself. I made my dream come true. I am a published author. I even spent 26 hours on TWO top 100 lists.

How does it feel? It feels like I need to be bigger and do better next time! You can buy your copy of Blessed: Book One of The United Series by following any of the links below!




Barnes and Noble



As always, happy writing!

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