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Celebration – celebrazione – celebrare

Weekend Writer Reblog! This one struck us just right, so I thought I’d share!

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


This quiet wellbeing is asking for
suspense, shivers, major events…
The joy and peace of mind are core and they scare me
like a sense of balance neighboring death,
I listen to romantic music,
I drink the best wine, I am loved, I have enough money..
even though my enthusiasm is burnt in the kiln of past errors,
I have a taste for extraordinary, this celebration depresses me
through its “too much” and it’s exactly this “too much” that I would like beyond superlative…
somehow the nowadays celebrations cannot reconcile among themselves,
the good one of the day with the bad one of the second in which the present is more alive
and it’s asking for its right to become a memory at any risk…
this quiet joy doesn’t ask anything of me, it’s like the air
and I got used to being asked to give something of…

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If The English Language Had Been Made As A School Assignment…

Weekend Writer Reblog! Once a week (every Friday) I will be reblogging a favorite blog post from throughout the week for your enjoyment! These can be from blogs I follow, blogs that are Freshly Pressed, blogs that I stumble upon of my own accord or , the way I’d PREFER it to be, blogs that YOU GUYS recommend! So please, if you see something, SAY something! If it’s about writing, publishing or books, I’ll consider it for sure!

The Byronic Man

First off, this is very thorough.  Great job – you’ve got everything here a language needs to be not only functional, but allow for nuance, tone, even connotation.

I do have some concerns, though.

funny-pictures-german-language-meme-5The first is there seem to be some important words missing.  Example: There’s an entire entertainment industry built off of enjoying other people’s misfortune and humiliation, yet there’s no word for it.  Hans, in the language he wrote, came up with “Schadenfreude.” Yes, I know the words and spelling in Hans’ language are kind of over the top and occasionally hilarious, but he has words for everything.

Second, is that your language seems a little scattershot with the rules. To be honest, most of them.  It seems like there are very few rules without exceptions. Example: this “i before e” thing.  “I before e” – clear enough; “except after c” – why?  Is there some purpose? …

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