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Victor Victorious

Well then! It has been an interesting six weeks without you guys! I survived my first year of NaNoWriMo without Internet. No small feat, I might add! Without all the distractions of Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and a slew of other distractions brought to you by Google, I finished writing my fifty thousand words ten days early!

On the fundraising front, I broke the halfway mark, but failed to reach my full goal of $250. Not a huge deal since I was also working full time, writing a novel, and enrolling myself in my first semester of college.

True to form, this November showed me what I’m truly made of. Once again, NaNoWriMo wished me to my limits and showed me that they were just silly restrictions that I had placed on myself based entirely on the fear that had managed to find its way into my gut. I learned that, with determination, even the most lofty of goals and seemingly impossible challenges can be met with a characteristically psychotic grin and overcome with excessive force.

My point here is this: That mountain may look huge from the base, but the view from the peak is worth the climb. Blisters and all.

I feel the need to let you know that this post is brought to you by the brand new iPad that I won from work today, so forgive the rambling. I just wanted to get something written for you guys and let you know that three years of literary success is mine! Congrats to those of you who finished the journey with me!

As always, happy writing!


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‘Tis the Season!

As I begin gearing up for fundraising throughout the month of October (more to come on that on October 1st), I also begin my preparations for NaNoWriMo in November. This is such an intensely busy time of year for me and I can’t wait to get going on everything! Sure, my friends and family hate the next two months because I tend to become a hermit and avoid the outside world like the plague. If they happen to intrude upon my writing schedule or fundraising efforts, heads tend to roll (figuratively, of course)!

I’m telling you this so that when October first rolls around and I don’t post a single word for the following 60 days, you guys don’t think I died or something. I will TRY to update you on the progress of both my fundraising and my new addition to my literary family, but I make no promises. Even food gets left out of my daily routine more often than not. It’s a problem.

So, all I’m asking of you guys is that you keep your eye out for my post about my fundraiser and that you try not to worry about me while I’m gone! And maybe, if you’re feeling gutsy, participate in NaNoWriMo with me and help push me through that 50,000+ words in 30 days!

Happy writing!


P.S. As you can see, I like to tell myself that you guys hang on every word I write and can’t live without me. Don’t disillusion this fantasy. 😛


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